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The E-Cigarettes

The E-Cigarettes

You may discover that the available data you’ve come across with regard to E-Cigs is often perplexing and complex. There may be wide variations in the information that you get from E-Cig manufacturers, the FDA and vapers (people who use E-Cigs). You are most likely harboring a lot of curious thoughts as to whether the assertion that E-Cigs can help people stop smoking is a true or false statement.


Anyone who does online research soon discovers that there are good and bad reviews pertaining to the topic of E-Cigs, and there are also reviews about different E-Cig name brands. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the information out there about E-Cigs. Do you honestly think that vapers, manufacturers or those in charge of governmental regulations are trustworthy sources for learning the truth regarding E-Cigs?

The reviews posted on the New Electronic Cigarette Review portion of our website are predominantly written by seasoned vapers who have vast experience. We really try to give our readers the best and most honest available data regarding E-Cigs. We have lots of information about specific brands. You are certain to arrive at a solid and competent conclusion if you are presented with factual and relevant data.

Our team has many years of E-Cig knowledge due to experimentation with various types and brands, including brands that are not necessarily well known. Obviously, we decided to choose the E-Cigs we prefer, but we do not have any goal of trying to convince you to buy these brands. At, we want smokers, former smokers who now only vape, smokers who are transitioning to E-Cigs, and anyone else who has an honest interest in this fascinating technological breakthrough to jump in and have a say! We plan to communicate our opinions and views based on our in-depth experimentation, but we want you to know that we also place a high value on your viewpoints.


The view of each vaper (an individual who appreciates using E-Cigs) varies, and every person’s viewpoint is valuable. We want anyone and everyone to be able to share their opinions and experiences using E-Cigs on our website. Our panel of E-Cig reviewers is going to start each conversation based on sound research and personal vaping experience. We want consumers to participate in our review forum regarding all of the E-Cig brands represented by our written reviews. Others who use electronic cigarettes will have the benefit of easier decision making by having your shared knowledge and experiences available in a single location.

Our process is like conducting an in depth study. We plan to categorize name brands in order to discover any negative issues that people have experienced when vaping. We’ll just present the facts and allow consumers to come to an honest decision in regard to the brand presented. If you choose to participate in our forum, you are going to have a chance to submit your own personal rating scores for various represented E-Cig brands. Working together, we will build a solid resource that can be used as a reference for those who are interested in finding out the truth about E-Cigs.

Some of the major E-Cig review websites only give their own reviews. They do not have the expert testimony and reviews from a wide variety of users. Most sites will do just one of these things, though they rarely go into the depth of information that we strive to provide. Our goal is to exceed the purposes of these other websites by offering reviews written by our experts and by encouraging website users to post their own viewpoint related to their personal vaping experiences. It is our feeling that handling things in this manner provides a complete overview for those who are interested in a truly unbiased review of each E-Cig brand.

We have set up our website this way so that you can rest assured we aren’t just trying to sell you a particular brand. In fact, we review lots of brands that we do not promote at all. It is our desire to develop a review site that provides complete, truthful reviews of various brands. Similar review websites only offer positive feedback about name brands because these types of upbeat reviews generate high earnings for website vendors.


Our New Electronic Cigarette Review Site is designed with our customers in mind.


If you want to have access to a wide array of positive and negative reviews, all you need to. When we establish a review for a brand, comments will stay open so that any changes in pricing, manufacture and so on can be added as time passes. This will keep all our reviews up-to-the-minute! You can constantly rely on our E-Cig review website whenever you want to read the most recent and most reliable E-Cig written reviews.

Please participate in our project by reviewing E-Cig brands that you have tried. This will be very helpful to people just starting out with E-Cigs as well as experienced vapers. Your input can assist vapers who are having difficulty coming up with exactly the right product or those who are merely curious about E-Cigs as they come to some critical decisions that may have a major impact on their lives. We want you to share your experiences with E-Cigs on our website, so we are offering lots of great giveaways, contests and opportunities to win free e-liquids and E-Cig starter kits. Make sure you remember to return to our website, because our goal is to begin this process in the immediate future.

We want our users to respect the same protocol we practice, which is that we never write phony reviews that encourage people to buy products, and we never belittle specific brands. We don’t want negativity. We want honest, objective reviews. The purpose of our website is to post truthful facts that help users to make beneficial choices that do not solely rely on the opinions of others. We do not wish to influence our website’s users to jump to any negative or positive conclusions regarding particular E-Cig brands. You need to remember that goal and also work to make your review as helpful as possible to those who will be reading it. Stick to the facts, and remain objective whether you are discussing your favorite or least favorite brand.

Furthermore, our website users can take advantage of our free contact form if they have any other questions regarding E-Cig facts. We hope that you enjoy our E-Cig review website and feel inspired to add your voice to the thousands of other vapers who have shared their E-Cig experiences. We would especially like to know if E-Cigs have helped you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes or dramatically reduced the amount of nicotine you take in.